Why isn’t Datscha available for rent yet?

It is a short update about losing a perfect parking opportunity. We are not successful in finding the next equally suitable one and require your help!

Too good to be true…


In 2020 Datscha was parking at Packer Stausee in Styria, on the ground belonging to our friend Andy. It is a stunning and magical place in the middle of the forest.

It was a busy year for us. We traversed a water pipe from a creek and plugged it into the house. We were amazed at how great the water pressure was. Andy had a great idea of building a stone table, and he made it happen at a glance. We created a terrace in front of the house and started planting a garden. Datscha cannot function entirely off-grid. We require an electrical installation, and we were waiting for the information from the electrical company. Before we obtained it, the local authorities informed us we couldn’t park there anymore due to administration issues.

We were unhappy. With Andy’s help, we removed the tiny house from the location and started searching for another one. So far, without success. 

Photo: Yana Paskova/Getty Images

We ask you for help!


We knew that finding a parking spot that is not regular camping can be tricky. The tiny house Facebook Groups are full of people searching for advice and information about plots to rent. We didn’t anticipate such difficulties, though.

What we need


Datscha requires electrical power and water supply. We do not mind parking in a camping place, but we do not want to be squeezed into a tiny space with old campervans with small hurdles in front of them.  Ideally, we want to rent out a plot and not buy it. We would love to park in the mountains, but it is not a must. We are willing to transport our Datscha to another part of Austria or even another European country. We want to rent Datscha out to other tiny house lovers.

If you know such a place – contact us at hi@projekt-dastcha.com or +43 664 88751422

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