Parabuch mobile sauna. Heat for home delivery?

"Parabuch is a mobile sauna permanently associated with the natural scenery, fires and water. Open to all good spirits." - say Alicja and Jędrzej, the creators.
© Parabuch - sauna mobilna

Meet the hot couple

He is a carpenter she – a conservator, together they created the first polish Tiny House sauna. After living in a city for quite some time, the nature-loving couple started missing playing guitar by the campfire and other off-grid activities. They wanted to jump directly into an ice hole or a mountain stream instead of a warm shower. The city life was just too artificial. That is why they decided to create Parabuch – a tiny house and a volatile mixture of fire, water and air, firmly seated on the ground.

Their experience, skills and interests were ideal for starting such an initiative. Alicja and Jędrzej have tried many different saunas in their lives: from Sweat Lodges built by indigenous North Americans to Siberian steam baths ceremonies utilising birch twigs. They have learned plenty about the spiritual sauna experience on their skin, literally and figuratively.

Alicja and Jędrzej © Parabuch Facebook Page

Finnish sauna = Scandinavian design.

Aesthetics, simplicity and functionality are the three design rules followed by Parabuch creators. Working with wood requires time and patience as wood reacts strongly to moisture, temperature, the passing time. Luckily, the creators had experience repairing, restoring and building wooden houses and furniture before the tiny house build. 

The mobile sauna has dimensions of 2x3m. It consists of a 2x2m main room with a big window, and a small entrance is through a vestibule, where the guests can change and leave their belongings. The sauna can fit six to eight people comfortably. Inside, there is a shower and a stove with a water jacket. The hot water tank for a shower stays in front of the sauna. On the outside, there are wooden boards on the walls, which golden-black colour comes from firing. During sauna sessions, plenty of sunbeds in front of the house create a sanctuary of retreat and relaxation.

For a more natural sauna experience

In recent years, many new professional saunas have emerged. The Enthusiasts can join championships for sauna masters annually. Unfortunately, there is still a scarcity of natural saunas on the grass and under the stars. Parabuch solves this problem, and its benefit is the possibility of a sauna in any location.

„We organize small intimate sauna events in the fall and winter. They are a celebration of body and spirit.“ – the Creators say.

Parabuch visited numerous music festivals, sports events and picnics across the entire country – have a peek at their Facebook Page.

© Parabuch - sauna mobilna
© Parabuch - sauna mobilna
Photo: Artur Rej © Parabuch - sauna mobilna

The help of the community

In 2018, Alicja and Jędrzej released a Youtube video explaining their concept and asked for help financing their initiative.

The idea gained tremendous positive feedback and response. As a result, the couple collected 15 000 PLN (3 000 EUR) via a crowdfunding website. To thank the sponsors, they promised to share their knowledge on this topic and a detailed design of the mobile sauna. They uploaded their open-source building plans to our Google Drive shortly after we met.

In 2020 an unfortunate accident happened: a speeding car pumped into Parabuch, destroying it partially. The mobile sauna caught on fire as a result of a damaged electrical installation. Parabuch fans, helpful as always, raised money for necessary repairs and allowed it reborn.

A view into the future

In April 2021 Jędrzej revealed, that he is planning on building two tiny houses – one for himself and one for his friends. He is currently working on the design and specifications.

More information about the project is availible Parabuch Facebook Page.

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