Owners, builders, influecers

Let's cooperate!

Building Datscha was only possible thanks to the help of our Family and Friends. We have learned that only by working together towards the same goal one can succeed. Now, we are asking you to join us and grow together through our mutual cooperation.

Photo © Magda Tracz

We are searching for you!

You are a tiny house enthusiast eager to engage in a new project? Of so, you have found your place. We are mainly interested in three types of cooperations:

Plot owner

You have a piece of land you don’t really use? Or maybe you own this magical camping place by the lake? Our Datscha will gladly park there and leave if your plans change.


You prefer working with a circular saw instead in front of the computer? Great! We will design it, you can build it and together, we will create the perfect tiny house.



You are a TikToker, YouTuber, Instagramer or a Blogger? If your style fits with ours – it’s a deal. You can stay in Datscha for free in exchange for some Social Media fame.

Dreaming of a DIY tiny house? Test our first.

Anna und Jakob Busch

Creators and owners

Who are we?

When we met five years ago, Anna was travelling so often, everything she owned could fit into a backpack. Jakob is a born minimalist, reluctant to buying anything unnecessary.

„We wanted to build a house that suited our characters – something small and transportable.”


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