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Spending the night in our tiny house will soon be available to all who fancy extraordinary experiences.

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About Datscha Tiny House

Datscha is a tiny house on wheels built with care to detail and in focus on sustainability. It fits a kitchen, bathroom, and a sleeping loft in 18-square metres. It is parked in Styria, Austria and soon will be available for rent.
Discover why it is not possible to rent Datscha yet.


4 persons | 2 beds


Because Datscha is a tiny house, saving space and sustainability are essential. Some of the furniture might appear a bit inconvenient:

Alcohol stove
Roof window
Fully equipped kitchen
10l Bathtub
Freezing toilet
Sleeping loft
Sofa bed

The surroundings

Last year the tiny house Datscha was parked in the middle of a beautiful calm forest close to Graz, Austria. Unfortunately, we were not permitted to park there any longer – read more about our struggles finding a parking spot. We are currently searching for a place similarly beautiful and magical. Please keep your fingers crossed.

The price

100 / night

All taxes have been applied.
The price does not depend on the number of guests.


The sleeping loft features a queen-size bed and can fit two people comfortably. Please mind that you have to use the ladder to access it.

Downstairs you will find a sleeping couch. It is 140 cm wide when opened. It fits one adult person or two children comfortably.

Quilts, blankets and pillows are provided.

Each person gets their own 140cm wide quilt. The filling is synthetic to avoid allergy problems. There is also a sufficient amount of extra blankets at your disposal.

Freezing toilet freezes its content to provide an odourless experience, hence the name. It does not require water to run but is plugged into an electrical outlet. After your business is done, you can throw in some of the provided hygienical gravel – the equivalent of flushing. The toilet contents are utilised or composted after every guest.

The freezing toilet has no other mysteries to unravel. All the remaining usual toiletry techniques apply.

Yes and no. Coldwater access is unrestricted. Warm water for your shower is heated in a 10l boiler and has a 25 min reheating time.

It’s a little sacrifice of your comfort, but it is also better for the planet.

No, the kitchen and bathroom are stocked with the essentials. There will be towels, toilet paper, soap and shampoo at your disposal. You can use spices, salt, sugar, oil, vinegar, tea, coffee and other products you will find in the pantry. The plates, cups, cutlery are also provided.

Alcohol stove uses bioethanol as a fuel and does not require to be plugged into electricity or a chimney. It is 100% safe to use, but it operates with an open flame – it’s always better to be extra cautious while cooking.

The fuel must be refilled if you cook a lot – bioethanol and the instructions are provided in the house.

The alcohol stove requires more time to heat up than an electric stove – please be patient, always use a lid and heat up only as much water as you need.


We currently are searching for a new parking spot, preferably in Styria, Austria.
Contact us if you know such a place at