Projekt Datscha

A portable house for minimalists.

About projekt Datscha

Datscha is a wooden Tiny House parking currently in St. Georgen close to Attersee and available for rental.

If you are looking for a modern, sustainable Tiny Home, Project Datscha is your answer.

Our contemporary house features a simple, space-saving layout and iconic gable roof. It has been built having travellers and natures lovers in mind. Currently, it is parked in St. Georgen, Austria, close to the Lake Attersee. You can rent it out for a weekend or longer holidays.

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Because Datscha is a tiny house, saving space and sustainability are essential. Some of the furniture might appear a bit inconvenient:

Alcohol stove
​Roof window​
Fully equipped kitchen
Small Bathtub​
Freezing toilet​
Sleeping loft
Sofa bed

Dreaming of a DIY tiny house?
Test it out first.

Anna and Jakob Busch

Creators and owners

Who are we?

When we met five years ago, Anna was travelling so often, everything she owned could fit into a backpack. Jakob is a born minimalist, reluctant to buying anything unnecessary.

“We wanted to build a house that suited our characters – something small and transportable.”

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